Burst the bubble

TrendPhysics® shatters the fourth wall on social media

Social media has brought us together in ways never before thought possible. It has never been easier to keep up with old friends--that in another time might easily have been forgotten in the course of life.

But social media has also put us each in a bubble, made just for us and outside of which we are not allowed to see. Opinions resonate in our personal echo chambers, reinforcing our ideas and blinding us to the world outside--even the next door neighbor who votes for the other party, who roots for the other team, or reads a different newspaper.

But the new social media experience at TrendPhysics® is here to shatter the fourth wall, and burst the bubble that divide our society and separate us from one another.

What are most people looking at on social today? What is the most read news story, or the most shared news outlet? Has the NFL or the NBA drawn more traffic today across the multiple pages of their many different teams, and what does that tell us about sports fans in America and around the world?

And where should advertisers spend their limited budgets to reach the most viewers?

TrendPhysics® answers all of these questions and many, many more--because TrendPhysics® believes in transparency to browse the public universe of social media--Facebook, Twitter.

After browsing the day's most popular posts and profiles from around the world, select an individual profile and track its performance over the past 24 hours, the last week or through the years. Delve into the finely granulated metrics of likes, shares and comments--or take a bird's eye view through TrendPhysics®' unique EngageIndex, tracking the perfect blend of social media networks to clearly indicate performance at a glance. This is TrendPhysics® in motion.

And what does this unparalleled insight into social media cost? Not a thing. Don't be too quick to trust your social media "experts". Believe in yourself, and dive right into the world that has been waiting for you all along.

Burst the bubble.