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We take an analytical approach to social data and combine a variety of statistical techniques to curate and analyze the most relevant social data.



We constantly monitor a variety of statistics to identify averages, outliers and change.


Network Analysis

We analyze data from major social networks and apply the methods of network science to social engagement.


Econometric Analysis

We employ econometric techniques to appropriately measure social data. Emergnt analyzes social feed data to provide relevant variables to produce dynamic analysis.


Time-Series Analysis

Time-series analysis provides a platform to understand trends across data points over time. Emergnt provides an interactive environment to the time-series econometric model for profile monitoring and content dynamics.

Forecast with TrendPhysics®

Our models help analysts discover the underlying phenonema, and develop tools to forecast and predict future events.

Advanced Date Selector

Easily Choose An Analysis Time-frame

Create complex comparisons in one-click

Simply adjust the date range selector and return your results in visual, tabular or calendar form.

Customizable and Digestible

Explore Your Analysis in a Variety of Views

By Frequency

View data daily, weekly, and monthly. For details of content, you can even view by hour and minute.

By Output

All of our time-series anaylsis is avaiable in graph, table and calendar view.

TrendPhysics® Package Overview


Analyze the descriptive statistics, velocities, percent growths and more.


Meausre ROI, create indices, and benchmark profiles across a variety of measures.


Find influencers, analyze the dynamics from a network perspective


Use appropriate tools to analyze and react to social data.


Measure the social dynamics over time and forecast the future.

Big Data

Built in the cloud, millions of records for complex and unique analysis.