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Software Platform

  • Dashboard Homepage with summaries of the rest of application
  • Analytics Leaderboard list-view with ability to sort by Metric
  • Content Feed explorer view. Filter by collection; choose dates; media type; search query. Star saved search queries. Label posts with tagged text.
  • Compare Builds comparison page of a Collection
  • My Profiles Management of Subscribed Profiles; ability to add to collection; keeping a pseudo-collection of “Marked” profiles. List of profile homepage
  • Profile Homepage Profiles are facebook or twitter accounts run by brands, celebrities, media outlets, politicians, and entertainment accounts for movies or TV shows. TrendPhysics links common Twitter and Facebook to make monitoring easy on both social platforms.
  • Profile Facebook BenchmarksThe Benchmarks page provides an overall view of a Facebook Profile page.

App Features

Use Cases

  • Competitive Intelligence TrendPhysics is used to study social media content and analytic performance of competitors. Add your competitor’s social media profiles to TrendPhysics and compare your performance across a variety of KPIs and metrics. View a feed of all your competitors.
  • Digital Market Research
  • Media Monitoring
  • Investor Intelligence Social media performance can bring insights into the underlying performance and understanding of a business. TrendPhysics allows users follow companies of interest, track their investments, stay up-to-date on current corporate events, and benchmark relative social performance to other business metrics.
  • Content Discovery
  • Social Media Academic Research
  • TP For the People!Get started free on TrendPhysics to unlock 5 profiles, learn how to "Burst the Bubble"