AI-Powered Social Analytics Platform

TrendPhysics® is a social media analytics platform designed to help teams monitor social content engagement, benchmark performance, and optimize digital strategy on Facebook and Twitter in real-time.

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Intelligent Summaries with Configurable Dashboards

An intelligently curated entrance to the social universe, summarizing the most engaging posts and trending profiles across social channels.

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Visualize, Analyze and Benchmark Social Profiles and Posts

A comprehensive suite of monitoring, benchmarking, and comparison tools across social media analytics Key Performance Indicators

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Real-time monitoring and Content Discovery Library

A real-time stream of branded content, easily filterable by keywords, hashtags, interactions, reactions and more. Data-driven publishing

A unique branded content discovery library inspires creators to explore successful publishing campaigns, understand audience reaction, and better recommend successful content.

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Create Comparisons and Benchmark Collections

Benchmark against peers, competitors, and industry averages. Create Collections of profiles for custom comparisons

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Automation and Reports

Save, Organize and Annotate results to resume where you left off and share progress with your team

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Integrations, Developers and Data Scientists

The TrendPhysics® API further empowers data scientists and developers to export or integrate our curated database and statistical toolkit into their internal software systems, compare against in-house data, and extend in third-party metrics and applications. Our suite of APIs provide access points processed in the cloud by our profile and post analysis packages, and configured by team members within the interface.

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Free Public EngageIndex Database

For over five years our internal research team has maintained the EngageIndex, a freely available interactive public dataset containing tens of thousands of trending social profiles and historical performance scores, organized by sector for relevant comparisons and analysis.

The EngageIndex distills engagement, content, page performance into a single comprehensive profile performance metric to identify which profiles are trending relative to their peers.

All users are invited to explore the TrendPhysics®’ social media analysis features using the EngageIndex dataset, and are free to use for their own research projects.

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TrendPhysics® has been transforming social thinking at businesses, organizations, and universities worldwide since 2012.

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