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TrendPhysics® is a social media analysis platform designed to help teams monitor content engagement, benchmark performance, and optimize digital strategy on Facebook and Twitter in real-time

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TrendPhysics® transforms the way organizations approach social media

Empowering access to tens of thousands of curated sources, intutive organizational collaborative tools, and advanced predictive analytics, TrendPhysics® unleashes the power of enterprise-level data science revolution to social media strategy teams

Monitor Content Engagement

A daily entrance into the social world, with posts from competitors, media sources, and thought leaders, organized by interactions, reactions, and a variety of smart filters.

Benchmark Performance

Instantly find the performance of any social profile, track your own performance compare against peers, and create your own collections to later export as reports.

Optimize Digital Strategy

Analytic Strategy, Content Inspiration, and Post Analysis provide a platform for action. Analyze spending, identify trends, and produce more informed decisions.

Learn more about how TrendPhysics® is used, how it makes an impact for social media decision-makers worldwide, and how it can transform your social media perspective.

Inside the TrendPhysics® Platform

TrendPhysics® is an analytically-curated digital media platform that applies sociological, networked, and complexity sciences to the social web, and empowers data-driven decision makers.


An intelligently curated entrance to the social universe, summarizing the most engaging posts and trending profiles across social channels


A real-time stream of branded content, easily filterable by keywords, hashtags, interactions, reactions and more. Data-driven publishing


Save, Organize and Annotate results to resume where you left off and share progress with your team


A comprehensive suite of monitoring, benchmarking, and comparison tools across social media analytics Key Performance Indicators


Benchmark against peers, competitors, and industry averages. Create Collections of profiles for custom comparisons


Add additional team members for free to share results and insights, build comparisons, and discover inspriring content

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A power-ranking performance indicator benchmarking thousands of brands, public figures, and organizations

Inside the Platform

Understand TrendPhysics®, it's core features, and how it's applied in the real-world